Treat Your Sports Injury & Get Back in the Game Quickly

Effective treatment for athletic injuries of the shoulder or knee

Get The Right Treatment

Quickest Recovery without Setbacks

Return as Strong as Before

Get The Right Treatment
Quickest Recovery without Setbacks
Return as Strong as Before

Life's Too Short to be Sidelined by Knee or Shoulder Injuries

Dealing with an athletic injury is no fun. Don’t be held back. You were meant for athletic greatness.

Are you…

  • a competitive high school or collegiate athlete?
  • participating in intramural team sports?
  • devoted to body-building, martial arts, tennis, golf, skiing or other sport?
  • dedicated to regular physical activities?

Have you suffered a sports injury to your shoulder or knee?

  • Rotator cuff tear
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • and other shoulder injuries
  • Torn or sprained ligament
  • Meniscus tear
  • and other knee injuries

Is it limiting your performance or preventing you from participating in your favorite sports?

Dr. Maynard can get you back in the action!

Work Directly with an Experienced Sports Medicine Doctor

You will be personally examined and treated by Dr. Maynard – never a nurse or physician’s assistant.

Quick Recovery

Get back in the action in the shortest amount of time possible without setbacks.

Return to the Sport You Love

Return to unrestricted activities as strong as before, with the opportunity to continually advance your PRs (personal records of performance).

We Can Help Keep Your Athletic Dreams Alive

Hey, injured athletes! We know you want to get back into the action as soon as possible.

You've worked too hard to achieve your athletic fitness and skill to see it all disappear because of a knee or shoulder injury. You deserve a second chance at athletic glory. We can help keep your athletic dreams alive.

women’s basketball
  • 25+ years performing surgery in one of the world’s top orthopedic hospital - Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City
  • Over 20,000 patients helped
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Marist College
Hospital for Special Surgery
United States Naval Academy
Weill Cornell Medicine





Our Simple Plan to Get You Back in the Game


Schedule Your Consultation

Don’t waste any more time struggling with your injury. Contact us now to set up an appointment.


Get Evaluated

Dr. Maynard will see you personally. He’ll give you a proper examination with appropriate imaging to determine an accurate diagnosis of your injury.

He will clearly explain your treatment options. Together you will make a plan customized to your situation and personal needs.

Once your diagnosis is determined, you’ll be given a highly accurate estimate of the time it will take to return to normal.


Move Past Your Injury and Get On with Life

In retrospect this will turn out to be a mere stutter step in the steady improvement of your athletic abilities and performance.

Don’t Risk Getting the Wrong or Ineffective Treatment

Being sidelined by a sports injury is frustrating. You may be disappointed that you can’t be there for your teammates, irritated over lost time, or worried you won’t be able to return to the sport you love.

Picking the right physician to treat your athletic injury can be just as tough. If you see a physician that isn’t focused on sports injuries, you may end up with the wrong or ineffective treatment. 

Don’t risk a slow recovery or ending up with less ability than before. 

You deserve a sports medicine surgeon that’s seen and treated your injury thousand of times - Dr. Michael Maynard at Maynard Orthopedics.

You can’t afford to lose any more time. Treat your injury now and get back into action as soon as possible.


Sports Injury Recovery Success Stories From Our Patients

5 Star Review for Dr. Michael Maynard, Maynard Orthopedics

“I went to see Dr. Maynard for a slap tear in my shoulder and some bone spurs. This was the result of a lifetime of weightlifting, kickboxing, tennis and other sports. I finished physical therapy roughly 3 months after my procedure and I can happily say that I am back to 100% functionality in my left shoulder. I've started all of my previous sports activities. Everything from the doctor to the hospital was 100% on point, absolutely no complaints.”

—Frank D.

5 Star Review for Dr. Michael Maynard, Maynard Orthopedics

“Dr. Maynard made simple the ACL injury that happened to my son while in sports activity. He fixed it admirably with no pain!! My son walked out of the hospital within several hours, and he did not need any of his pain medications post procedure.”


5 Star Review for Dr. Michael Maynard, Maynard Orthopedics

“After others told me there was no hope for my knees, Dr. Maynard got me back to running races. He is the best!”


Tom Trageser recommends Dr. Michael Maynard, Maynard Orthopedics

“He is amazing! I had ACL surgery. I was back skiing the following year. Great surgeon, nice and patient - can't say enough.”

—Jon W.